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The Phyling application

Included with the Maxi-Hub


The platform that analyzes all your data at every training session.

How It Works


We define together the data and indicators to be recorded and calculated.


View your athletes' data in real-time, on the field, on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


The platform analyzes data and generates personalized reports for each athlete after every session.


Refine the planning of your sessions and the long-term management of your athletes.

Gris limbo
Real-time Indicator Tracking from the Application

Real-time Data Visualization

During training, get the information you need directly on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can even view multiple indicators simultaneously.

Gris limbo

Automatic Data Collection

After each exercise, your data is automatically recorded, segmented, and organized within the application. You can quickly visualize the data you are interested in.

The values and statistics of the key indicators are also visible.

Data Analysis and Visualization on the Phyling Application
Gris limbo
Customizable Automatic Analysis Report

Analysis of Custom Indicators

Track each athlete's progress week by week with customized indicators tailored to your training needs (speed, strength, acceleration, power, cadence, etc.).

Customized reports can also be downloaded to enhance session analysis.

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