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The Phyling instrumented crankset

Measure the power developed by cyclists, directly on the track.

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Unprecedented acquisition frequency

The Phyling crankset allows you to measure the force and power developed by the cyclist at high frequency and in a completely portable way. It also calculates the cadence and speed of the bike.

Data can be saved locally directly to an SD card. It is also possible to have access to more in-depth analysis by connecting the crankset to a Maxi-Phyling via Bluetooth.

Wireless transmission

Added weight




Analysis in the Phyling app

Find the validation article for our cranksets

Validation article for instrumented crankset
Validation article for instrumented crankset

The Phyling instrumented crankset can adapt to many cranksets on the market (Look ZED, Shimano Dura Ace DI2, etc.)

Used at the highest level

All the cyclists in the French Olympic team were equipped with Phyling instrumented cranksets for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.

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