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Shoe with instrumented crampons

The instrumented stud

The solution allowing you to assess fatigue and biomechanics of the lower limbs in order to limit the risk of injury

A unique technology in the world

The crampon by Phyling

Measuring ground reaction forces

Up to 1kHz

Field analysis

Fully portable technology

Integrated force sensors

Directly in the studs, without modification of the shoe

Innovative solution

Patented technology 

Our solution

A round trip before and after training wearing instrumented shoes


Calculates a personalised mechanical fatigue index for each workout 



Provides an indication of player fitness complementary to existing monitoring tools and more specific throughout the season


How do we detect fatigue?

At each step, more than 25 indicators are calculated and allow us to characterize the player's state of fitness on the pitch, in real conditions.


This allows us to quantify how tired a player is when running in a straight line. This validated solution now makes it possible to complement existing training load management systems.


Development of a tool for quantifying mechanical load in soccer using studs instrumented with force sensors: towards an application for injury prevention

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Thesis defended by Alexandre Karamanoukian

This tool is the result of more than 5 years of research and a thesis carried out over the last 3 years

Step 1
Step 1


Technology validation

Comparison of stud signals to a force platform

Excellent agreement between the results of the platform and those of the instrumented studs

It is possible to reliably measure GRFs on the football field with this tool
Step 2
Step 2


Fatigue detection in the field

Compare GRF indicators/patterns between the beginning and end of a run at constant speed until exhaustion.

Significant differences found in all subjects, also strong inter-player differences

Fatigue can be detected and quantified in the field using instrumented studs

Step 3
Step 3

Quantification of fatigue in a professional audience

Creation of a simple straight line running protocol allowing the collection of GRF indicators/pattern between before and after training

Comparison of pre- and post-workout indicators makes it possible to obtain a musculoskeletal fatigue index

The fatigue index provides additional information to existing solutions and is better correlated with the appearance of injuries


Scientific resources 


Validation of Instrumented Football Shoes to Measure On-Field Ground Reaction Forces
Karamanoukian et al. (2022)


Effects of fatigue on ground reaction forces measured through embedded sensors in football shoes during a constant velocity run: a preliminary study.
Karamanoukian et al. (2022)


Development of a tool for quantifying the
mechanical load in football from
studs instrumented with force sensors:
towards an application to injury prevention
Karamanoukian (2023)

For who ?

Professional clubs 
Sports federations
Sports doctors 

How ?

Contact us so that we can propose the most suitable offer for your project.

Our offer

We take care of everything, from creating custom sensors to data analysis.

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