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Racket instrumentation by Phyling



Free your gesture.


Table tennis

Characterize each of your shots.

The Phyling instrumented tennis racket


Pressure analysis 

Start the exercise you want to do, either on your own or with a trainer, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Tested with high level athletes

The Phyling instrumented racket was used as part of a study on grip and prevention of “tennis elbow” in partnership with Stéphane Eychenne.


Analyze your shots with minimal clutter

Simply clip the Mini-Phyling to your racket

Hit detection and identification

Thanks to the algorithms developed, it is possible to detect the nature of each shot among 6 possibilities (forehand and backhand topspin, forehand and backhand push, forehand and backhand block) with an average reliability of 91.5%.

At the end of training or a match, you can therefore know how many shots you have played and the distribution of each type of shot.


Characterizing your abilities

The inertial unit integrated into the instrumented racket allows precise and objective characterization of the gesture: duration, maximum acceleration, orientation of the racket, etc.


It is thus possible to see, for example, the progress of a player over the long term in response to a targeted training program or even the different timing of the phases of the gesture depending on ball-racket contact.

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