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The Phyling Instrumented Floor for Athletics

Measure the forces, speeds, and impulses of your athletes.

Phyling Instrumented Floor

Using groundbreaking platform force technology, we are able to create fully instrumented surfaces of any shape over several meters (covering all or part of a track).
These floors measure ground reaction forces and the athlete's center of pressure and can be covered with the desired surface.
  • Wired Acquisition
  • Acquisition frequency: 1kHz

Get the data you need

It is thus possible to obtain, in a completely non-invasive manner, stride characterization indicators (amplitude, speed, propulsion force, force-velocity relationship, center of pressure displacement), as well as relevant indicators in jumping (speed and force at takeoff, etc.).
The indicators and the way the data are presented to you are fully customizable according to the application and your requirements.
Ground reaction forces during straight-line running.
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