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Physical preparation by Phyling

Find the solution that suits you to improve the physical performance of your athletes.

Our products

PhyPlate force platforms

Force platform
Phyling portable platforms analyze vertical reaction forces with great ease of use.

In dynamic use, they can be used to quantify the explosive strength capabilities of the lower limbs, vertical relaxation or even L/R asymmetries during a CMJ, a Squat Jump or a Drop Jump.

Take advantage of our automatic data analyzes or get the raw data for custom analysis.

They exist in several sizes, formats and characteristics (measurement axes, acquisition frequency, etc.)

More than 15 indicators are calculated for each jump automatically and in real time:

Maximum force, jump height, average power, concentric phase duration, etc.


Acquisition frequency

up to 1 kHz


30x40 cm


3 kg

Margin of error

0.1 %




Real time


Protective frame

The PhyLift

The PhyLift allows you to analyze the speed and power developed during each of your movements.

Simply hang it on your bar to get immediate visual feedback on the speed of your movement and work in the targeted speed zone.

Compared to other measuring tools on the market, PhyLift also allows you to calculate your Force-Speed-Power profile automatically in just a few minutes. It also provides you, in addition to average speed data, the movement profile of the bar during the entire movement.

Can be used for a wide range of exercises :
bench press, squat, rowing, etc.



Obtain your Force-Speed-Power profile automatically by performing several repetitions at different loads.

Then determine the percentage of speed (relative to your maximum power) at which you
want to work and monitor your session.


The PhyNord is used to assess the eccentric muscular capacity of the hamstrings. This simple exercise has been scientifically recognised for its ability to prevent injury in numerous

With PhyNord, you can objectively monitor changes in your muscular capacity. After each trial, you'll automatically obtain the maximum and average values developed, as well as a visual display of the strength curve.
The PhyNord easily adapts to all body types in order to obtain the most precise measurement possible.

Adjustable in height and depth

Automatic analysis via the Phyling application

Easily transportable


The Phyling app

No matter your exercise, it accompanies you before, during and after the session.

With disconcerting ease.

Phyling app on mobile

Pre-recorded scenarios.

Start the exercise you want to perform, alone or with a trainer, then let yourself be guided by the instructions displayed on the screen (available on smartphone, tablet and computer).

View your indicators in real time.

Just after the exercise, the Phyling application analyzes your exercise and shows you a summary of what you have just performed: maximum strength, jump height, curves analyzed, etc. Everything is obviously customizable.

Nordic data analysis on the Phyling app
CMJ Jump Data Analysis Report

An exercise, a report.

You also have the possibility, after each exercise, to generate an automatic report which contains all the details necessary for an in-depth analysis of the performance of your athletes.

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