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Image de Lukas Bato

Phyling Instrumented Roller skates and Skateboards

Analyze each figure using the sensors integrated into the skateboard.
In Roller, record the pushing force at each push.

Characterize each figure

Measure the forces, accelerations, and impacts developed by the athlete.

Force Distribution Across the Entire Skateboard

Two force sensors are placed at the front and rear trucks. This allows obtaining the force of the front foot and the rear foot during the execution of each trick.

The total force developed during a jump can then be correlated with the height and/or length of the jump to improve amplitude.


Characterization of cushioning upon landing

The total force can be analyzed at the moment of landing to calculate the forces absorbed by the athlete. By summing over the entire session, it is possible to characterize the danger of the training and prevent certain injuries (such as stress fractures).


The Phyling Instrumented Roller skates

Field Measurement

The Phyling instrumented pair of roller skates measures the vertical and lateral forces developed by the athlete.

It allows for characterizing the support phase and the pushing phase (or even double push) by indicating the use of the outer and inner edges.

Analysis of the entire race

Study the athlete's dynamics during starts and at every moment of the race. The range of the Maxi Phyling covers the entire track.

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